The  Numerical Modeling of Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate research group led by Maria Kanakidou is based at the Department of Chemistry, University of Crete, as part of the Environmental Chemical Processes Laboratory (ECPL) of the Division of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry.

Maria Kanakidou's group research focuses on understanding atmospheric chemistry, physics and climate changes due to human activities, natural variability and feedback mechanisms.

The group research activities cover studies of the changes in the oxidizing power of the atmosphere and the aerosol composition due to human activities and their interactions with climate. The group also studies the impact of Atmospheric Deposition on Biogeochemical Cycles and the Marine Ecosystem functioning.

To achieve this, the major tools are box, 1-dimensional and global 3-dimensional models that simulate atmospheric transport, homogeneous and heterogeneous tropospheric chemistry, aerosol formation and growth, gas/particle interactions and interactions with radiation. Marine biology models are also used in collaboration with HCMR scientists. These models are developed by the group in the frame of international collaborations supported by EU and national funds via competitive projects. 




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