Total Fe Deposition

TM4-ECPL calculates a total Iron (TFe) atmospheric deposition flux to the Earth’s surface of about 37 Tg-Fe yr-1, for the PRESENT atmosphere. The spatial distribution of TFe deposition flux reflects primarily the Fe-containing minerals sources over dust regions, but also the emissions from fossil fuel combustion processes, oil combustion from ships over ocean and biomass burning.

Dissolved Fe Deposition

TM4-ECPL calculates a global dissolved Iron (DFe) deposition flux of 0.496 Tg-Fe yr-1 (0.191 Tg-Fe yr-1 over oceans) for the PRESENT atmosphere. Combustion emissions from biomass burning, combustion of anthropogenic origin and DFe containing dust, contribute significantly to the global DFe deposition flux, together with the DFe flux due to dust atmospheric processing by proton- and organic ligand- promoted mineral Fe-dissolution.