The Department of Chemistry of the University of Crete started its activities at the begining of 1985. The Division of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry is one of five Divisions belonging to the Department of Chemistry.

In 1997, the Environmental and Chemical Processes Laboratory (ECPL) has been established by the Department of Chemistry and the Senat of the University of Crete as an independent unit of the Division of Enviromental and Analytical Chemistry.

The ECPL activities concern:


  • Teaching of under-graduated and graduate (at MSc and PhD levels) students at the Department of Chemistry on topics of Environmental Chemistry.
  • Teaching of post-graduatestudents wishing to study environmental chemical processes and their influence to the environment.


on issues related to Environment and particularly to:
   - atmospheric chemistry
   - ecotoxicology
   - environmental geochemistry
   - chemical oceanography
   - climate change
   - aquatic chemistry

Scientific Collaboration
with public and private Institutions related to Environmental Sciences, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Medicine.

Informing and Consulting
on various aspects of environmental pollution