Sampling Sites

ECPL is using three monitoring stations for its studies to understand environmental chemistry and chemistry/climate interactions.
The two of them are located on Crete island in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Finokalia (35o 19' N, 25o 40' E) is a coastal remote site 70 km eastward Heraklion at the top of a hilly elevation (130m) facing the sea within the sector of 270deg to 90 deg. Depending on the weather contitions the air masses reaching the station originate from Europe or Africa. (Click for images, map)
  • Heraklion (35o 20' N, 25o 07' E) is an urban center with 150,000 inhabitants. (Click for images, map)
  • Thissio Athens ( 37o 58' Ν, 23o 43' Ε) is an urban location at the center of Athens. (click for map)
  • Amsterdam island (37o 50' S, 77o 33' E) located at comparable latitude in the Indian Ocean in the Southern Hemisphere, is the third site used in collaboration with the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE/CNRS-CEA) supported by the French organisation IFRTP. (Click for IFRTP HomePage in French) (Active until 2000)